Motumal Tanumal Sharbatwala

Our Story

Motumal Tanumal Sharbatwala, It is about more than 70 years back when a migrated entrepreneur came from Pakistan with bitter travails of partition to Ahmedabad. That did not deter him at all from making a name for himself in distant Ahmedabad.

A name, Motumal Tanumal now a brand name in ‘Sharbat’ across the country has a loyal following world-over. It took a lot of dedication, hard work, and indigenous recipes for a small ‘larri’ in front of the Kalupur railway station to make it into an established name in ‘Sharbat’ After the first foundation shree motumal tanumal the second & third generation entrepreneur built the portals of success. 

Today at Relief Road shop, the colorful racks of the shop resemble a rainbow with ‘Sharbat’ of various colors like bright red, fluorescent green, orange, brown, and even off-white-lined on them. 

These are the magic potions, which have been tantalizing the taste buds of ‘Amdavadis’ for over half a century now, the ingredients of which are a zealously guarded secret. 

It takes a lot of hard work, labor, and culinary expertise to bring out the sweet potion into the market and it is only the quality, which makes the brand a market leader. Now the sweet potions (‘Sharbats’) are in great demand in far-off lands like Dubai, the USA, the UK, and South Africa.

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